Are the 04-05 KX250F's really that bad?

I'm thinking about picking up an 05 KX 250F for around $2000. I've seen some negative stuff in threads on here and was wondering if they are really that bad? Anyone that has owned one can you please tell me your experience with the bike.


I had 150 trouble free hours on mine when I sold it. Same piston and valves adjusted once. Its all in how you maintain it.

yes. they are hard to start, overheat in a hurry, and the Ti valves go out of spec quickly. $2000 does sound like a good price though...

i'd say no. my bud had an rm-z 250 (same bike) and he rode the hell out of it, and never had one problem. adjusted valves once and that was it. no problems with heat, valves, anything.

Had an 04 we raced for a year and a half before we started working on it.

Mine was used and ran like a F****** tank! no issues at all. just new water pump and engine ice and your set my friend. do oil frequently too!

There were a lot of improvements to the '05. The only problem we ever had with ours was a piston that cracked above the wrist pin. It was easily fixed and the piston was over due for replacement when it failed.

My 05 has been pretty darn good. It's needed a few things. I did blow three times. The first time was due to a mechanic that stripped the cam guide pivot bolt. The second was because I put an 04 ignition on an 05 cdi when I rebuilt it the first time which caused it to backfire breaking the case. with less the 10 seconds on the previous build...

the third was actualy transmission failure due to my dumb arse casing a jump with my foot on the shifter.. Bent 1 shift fork shift shaft and taking out the 2nd3rd shifter and 1st gear..

Other then that it's been great and like I said none of the problems I have had has been due to the design.

Just blew up an 04, destroyed every thing in side, maybe the 05 is better I dont know, but if there selling it for $2000 I would't buy it!!!!!!!!!!

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