150R good for me?

Whats up everyone! First post

Alright to the point, heres my qestion, I ride a ttr230, great bike for trail riding, for track its way to much work, heavy, not enough low end, and the suspension is garbage. Im looking for a 150R but im curious if im to big for it, Im 5'6 140 150lbs with gear, anyone else riding one of these around my size? im 20 years old, yes im small, will i outgrow this bike quickly? I was looking at a 250r but i cant afford one at this time. Hows the power on these? from what i hear its great. thanks!

I am 5' 10" and I love my 150, I bought a 450 the other day but my 150 is way more fun to me.

Hmm im really debating on it! I just dont want to feel crammed, my friend rides a kx85 and when i ride that i feel really cramped on it, and the front end is hard to keep down, not really worried about keepin the front down, just keeping the front down and feeling cramped at the same time is the only thing i worry about. Anyone else have any input? thanks!

You would be better off on a 250F.

You would be better off on a 250F.

Completely agree!!

Sit on the 150R and put both your feet on the pegs.. ... Then stand up .. COMFORTABLE?? Probably not unless you have a really short inseam. Its not the height of the seat you should be concerned about ... its the "cockpit" or riding position you MAY FIND REALLY CRAMPED.

My wife is 5'2" and we had to put higher bars and lowered pegs on for her.

Who knows .... go in, have somebody support the bike and assume the riding postion and see how it feels :thumbsup:

I also think you are 205F material .... you can lower the bike quite easily if you have to.:thumbsup:

Thats another option i was looking at was lowering it, how does the affect the suspension and ride qaulity? How is it done? any input would be great thanks!

Depends on "how low you go" ....

Start with a lower seat, and if that is not enough move to a lowering link ... one that only lowers the back a little bit though ... and that you can compensate for by raising the stanchions in the triple clamp a bit.

If you go with a link that drops the back considerably, you will have to send your forks away to get the springs cut down in size.

Changing the back end will affect the leverage on your shock spring. Generally you MAY have to go to a stiffer spring rate to get the proper sag.

I am 5' 10" and I love my 150, I bought a 450 the other day but my 150 is way more fun to me.

What do you weigh? Do you have the expert/big wheel?

thanks guys will hopefully aim for a 250, not for awhile though, guess im stuck to the trails for now, eh hills climbs are fun and my tank can tug up anything with no problems.

I currently have a 2008 CRF 150R/RB. The suspension is made for 150-160lb riders. Unmodified the shocks are really made for jumping, they're awful on small bumps. If your looking for speed and accelaration this is the bike for you ride:ride: . The cost of a new one is 4,300 USD.

Still on my old bike, not really worried about it too much because i wont be competitive for the next year or so, just trail riding and once in awhile the track, how tall are your insanity?

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