2005 KX250F a good bike??

I am looking to add a lites bike to the stable. Cant find any yamahas around here and hate the yamaha dealer... the Kawi delaer has an 05 for sale for 3000 and it was owned by one of their techs... How strong are these bikes? How long do they last? Any issues?? How do they handle??

I wouldnt go for it. I had an 05 rmz and it was a disaster. And im very good on mainnence. For an older model 05 or less ide wait for a yami.

plus 3g's is way too much for an '05

They are actually much better than given credit for, IMO. But $3K is too much, you should be able to find a nice one for $2500, maybe less. The '06 is a much better bike but also more expensive. We've had very good luck with our '05 and still ride it as a backup bike. To me, the biggest downfall is that the suspension isn't near as nice as the new Showa stuff but the bike actually handles and runs quite well.

Dont do it! just wait, I have an 04 Kawi 250F just blew it up. When i get another one it would be a 06 or higher

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