Mikuni jet layout

For the mukuni jets looking down there is a jet on a large brass bit, so it sits higher than the rest. This is the main jet.

There is the pilot bit to the side and down, but opposite the main jet there is another. This jet has confused me as it is an RD jet, e.g someone has played with it.

What is it, and what value should it be?


only 3 jets in the mikuni float bowl.

Main, Pilot and Starter jet.

Starter jet should be covered by a plastic bit. my sm came stock with a #62.5

What does the starter jet do, is it linked to choke?

Mine has a 150 in there at the moment! No wonder it wont idle with choke! No plastic bit either, is it essential?


Yup that what its for.

Bike shouldn't need to run on choke for more than 30 seconds anyway.

definitely no idling on choke

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