Stoneyford Camp Out and Ride December 28

We have the Grey Pine camp ground in Stoneyford reserved for one week starting December 28. Anyone who would like to come and join us for some great riding, bench racing, and all around good time is welcome. It will be our own little ThumperTalk spode fest! :) It will be a great way to meet some other TT'ers. This is a family affair. So, bring the wives, girl friends, significant others, kids, dogs, et cetera.

where is stoneyford :) I am in Corona CA.

Stoneyford is north of Sacramento about two hours. It is a long drive for you. If you have never ridden up here, I would suggest you try it at least once. The riding is great! I go down your way a few times a year to ride the desert. I love it down there too.

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