07 cr125 JD Kit

current jetting:

-430, going to 420

-replacing stock needle with JD blue needle

-replacing stock float needle with JD 32.5 (i believe)

riding conditions (NC):


- 85 to 100 degree summers

-elevation: 900ft +/-

I have never jetted a bike, although i really want to learn how. I was following the instructions but stopped before i did anything major because i remember someone telling me that this can be done without completely removing the carb.

Can someone give me some instruction on how i can get re-jet w/o removing the whole unit i would appreciate it. :thumbsup:

I haven't worked on a CR125, but normally you can loosen the intake and air boot clamps and turn the carb sideways to get the float bowl off. Twist it the other way to pull the slide out to change the needle.

If you want to pull the carb off to work on it on the bench you can normally loosen the air boot clamp and the subframe bolts and pull the whole subframe, air box, and silencer off as a unit. The carb comes right off then.

hey i preciate the advice.. loosened up the those 2 and it turned fine..first time ive ever done any mechanical work on a bike.. the only thing i was not sure of was when i placed the needle in it seemed to have a little play in the bottom. Not sure if thats supposed to be real snug or what because there is no way to tighten it..i figure that the cable boot will keep it in place

I'm not sure what you're calling the "cable boot" exactly but the needle is usually a fairly loose fit where it passes through the slide and would seem to have play to the touch. If we're talking about he same parts then you're fine.

i meant the collar piece.. ne how i took it out and it ran fine..no high rev and temp seemed normal.. i was a little dissapointed in my plug color though..still pretty dark after about 5 mins of riding

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