Plastics And Graphics Help!!!


i was going to buy some new plastics and graphics for my 04 crf 450X and noticed that half the graphics say dosnt fit 450X so that got me think that the plastics i was goin to buy was just for a normal 450 mx bike ( am not running lights etc) so the question is will 450R motoX plastics fit an endure 450X?

hope this all makes sense all you replys will be gud i am gwtting feed up with it now

What ever you do go with Cycra Plastics!!!

I believe the sidepanels and rear fender are a different shape between the two bikes based upon glancing at them side by side at the dealer.

the plastics are all different, but from what i have heard the "R" model graphics are easily adapted to the "X". that is except for the rear fender. the light makes it hard to fit, but i think you could still use them with a little trimming. the only "X" aftermarket plastics i've been able to find were UFO. there are lots of threads about graphics here in the 450x forum. heres a good one:

plastics wont fit, but the graphics will with slight trimming

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