fresh battery, juice, but no turn over

I've had my DRZ 400sm parked all winter and have not started it yet. I have a new, fully charged battery, put in new gas, and replaced the tail light before firing it up. The lights are strong, new tail light works fine, but when I try to crank it, the headlight dies and nothing happens. I checked the charge on the battery and unplugged all the wires to the rear lights just in case I messed something up there. What could it be? Any help appreciated, I am not a very experienced motorcycle mechanic and don't want to take it to a shop for somthing simple. Thanks a lot.

With those symptoms, I would first suspect a weak battery, but you say it's new and fully charged. Check the connections for the battery and starter. If your battery is good, a bad ground can cause this.

You might want to try jumping it with another battery. If you use a car battery for this, make sure the car is NOT running because its charging system puts out too much for a motorcycle.

On the US S/SM (I beleieve the CAN ones are the same), the lights go off when the E button is pressed. Put a voltmeter on the battery, key off, get a reading, then key on, get a reading, then press the button, take a reading. If the voltage is steady or even goes up when the button is pressed, it is either a bad wire betweent the button and starter relay or a bad relay.

Can you bump start it?

Is your kill switch turned on?

Are you holding the clutch in?

It sounds like an interlock problem. Side stand up, key on, clutch pulled, kill switch on, press start. If no problem there, check for voltage the the starter relay and use a jumper wire to bypass the whole interlock system.

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