What size tires are you running on some of the vintage monster bikes my 83 tt 600 runs a 150/80-18 rear and I'm converting it to dual sport tires just wondering how small is too small for that 2.50 in rear rim? curious if anyone else has dropped from a 150 to say a 130?

It seems like they measure tires differently now. The 150/80 seems to be the same as todays 120/100

For example a Dunlop 110/100-18 is recommended for a 2.15 inch rim, but will work on a 2.50. The Maxxis IT or the desert version in 120/100-18 is recommended for a 2.50 inch rim.

You can get this from most mfgs websites.

I like the Maxxis. It's one tough tire that can take the power of these bikes.

cool that works for me I ended up locating some other tires I was looking at the Maxxis M6006 and they only size they could get me was 130 rear so I ended up opting out for the Metzler MCE Karoo more oriented for the dirt than street but still dot approved

i run a 110/100 18 or a 120/100 18. Depends on the conditions. 82 xl500r

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