Am I too skinny...

...for endurance riding?

OK, stats:

Im almost 45, keep very fit with roller blading about 45min 3-4 times per week, Karate at least 3 times per week, eat well, almost no burgers usually chicken in salad, fish, pork etc. I dont worry about good fats, olive oil, nuts, eat plenty of veggies and fruits. I do like ice cream tho.

5-10, 160 with jeans and shirt.

It seems that my endurance for enduro's (repetitive?) is good for about 4 hours and the enduros are lasting from 5 to 6 hours. I hit the wall and find it rare or a brief second wind. I am wondering if I dont have enough fat to draw on once the carbs and muscle sugar is gone????

Should I try to pack another 5-7 lbs on before a race?

do you do snacks? something you can stuff in your face in 5 seconds? maybe you need to eat better before the race? (that whole carb loading thing)

Fortunately the enduros do offer a couple of breaks, enough time to chow a banana, bar, gatorade, and sometimes on the trail a reset can offer enough time to get down a goo or even 1/2 a bar, but those breaks are fewer or non existent toward the end when I bonk. I stay well hydrated with smart water in the camel bak, even enough to pee during the ride. I do try to carb load at least a day or 2 ahead.

maybe you need something with more fat and protein/calories, like peanut butter? squirt it in your mouth like toothpaste?:thumbsup:

I'm not an expert, but I'll bet it's a matter of finding the right energy, you sound like your in great shape, carrying extra fat would just wear you out and slow you down(?).

My own experience is just trail riding all day long, and PBJ seems to be a good combo for me. You may be getting dehydrated too...HTH

You can never be to thin or too rich.

You may be like me (we're similar in a lot of physical ways it seems). I've done multiple marathons and discovered in the third one that at mile 17 or so, I'd bonk. What I needed was SUGAR at that point --- a de-fizzed Coke did the trick. It seems to jump-start my system when I bonk. For me it works faster and better than an energy gel.

You can never be to thin or too rich.

My wife thinks Im too thin. The other... not so much.

PB&J sounds good, realistically thinking it it probably more related to training, I dont see how I could get training in that would last 5 or 6 hours, heck I barely get to ride between races.

El Marko, that is not the first I heard about flat Coke. A dose of sugar and some caffine, which I am addicted to. Gotta have the Joe.

what do you do to train now?

how do you bonk, do your muscles get tired and you can't work them, do you feel out of breath/wiped, or does your brain get tired from all that trail reading?

You can look up training workout plans for marathons to get an idea of how much training to do for how much race time, at least for a place to start.

how's your mental poop--do you know how far you can push yourself just because you TOTALLY LUUUUUVVVV riding? (that does count for more than we think :thumbsup:)

oops, I see you said rollerblading and karate. Do you know what intensity your working at(% of max heart rate, as a guide) There are a few other current threads where this is being discussed. You'd probably benefit with weights too. You could start by doubling your rollerblading time?

what do you do to train now?

Not much more than I listed outside of getting in some karate/cardio practice days in between. I dont think I can find any more time with my work schedule and 2 young boys.

how do you bonk, do your muscles get tired and you can't work them, do you feel out of breath/wiped, or does your brain get tired from all that trail reading?

tired brain, legs dont want to stay in standing position, muscle cramps.

You can look up training workout plans for marathons to get an idea of how much training to do for how much race time, at least for a place to start.

My wife has done several marathons, but she has had the luxury time to train on a real schedule. She is not fast so her marathon and my enduro times are fairly close. I havent had the motivation to spend hours on the wind trainer, that is dern boring.

how's your mental poop--do you know how far you can push yourself just because you TOTALLY LUUUUUVVVV riding? (that does count for more than we think :thumbsup:)

I always push on to finish, but would like more beans to finish strong, at least closer to my skill level.

a set of weights aren't that bad(especially for the benefit you get) and you can do them at home and the time would be easy enough to insert. Do you have soemthing like a treadmill at home? if you had a way of doing cardio at home, that's extra time you gain just by not having to drive to go do it somewhere. You could get a bike trailer and stuff your kids in it, I did that when my kids were young, it worked out I had one little one at atime so I put him in the bike seat. They always slept :thumbsup:.

I bet upping your intensity would help a lot, and I'm sure you could at weights, which would help too.

I've had good results using( Champion Nutrition )supplement called Metabolol Endurance. You mix it with water and drink it. Used to ride a 50 mile mtb ride during the week and would be ready to call a taxi at 40 to 45 miles with out drinking metabolol. With drinking it I would feel like I could ride another 50. I drink it at gas in an enduro and finsh strong. It can be used as a meal replacement, is slow release for endurance exercise of 4 hours or longer.

I wanted to add, when my kids were really little(like one's a baby and one a 3 year old) I put one in a backpack and one in a stroller. You could also do stuff on the bars when you take them to the playground, like do chin ups on the swingset (if they don't have monkey bars), there's lots of stuff you can do with bodyweight, even climbing up the outside of stuff(if you don't mind being a bad influence on your kids :thumbsup:), climbing trees...this all might sound weird, but I've been there with small kids :thumbsup: And I didn't feel guilty one bit throwing them on the back of my bike and going for 2 hours(making them "'sit") who knows, maybe their really good dirt bike balance now is cuz they put in so many miles on my bike as a ankle biter :confused:

But that is a good question, how to max out the time you have available. HTH

maxing out the time available I think is the key. As for my boys, they are too big to stuff in strollers or trailers, 6 & 8, too slow on the bicycles and skates for me to get a workout with them. my wife has a treadmill and I have a wind trainer for my bike but with the kids schedules (hockey, karate) getting on the trainer at 8:30 or 9:00 for a 2 hour peddle isnt going to happen.

I did 2 hours of high intensity karate with sparring last night, I can feel the workout now along with the bruises.:thumbsup:

I should find my heart rate monitor, havent used it in a while but from history and guessing, my skating would put me at ~70% and the hi intensity days of karate like last night would put me over 80% with 10 minute bursts of MAX!

Im having my wife print me her marathon training schedule which is based on time and not miles so I can adapt it but wont be able to stick to it as it does have a couple of 4 hour workouts per week near the end. My wife dosent know how lucky she is to be able to train properly.

Maybe cutting out or way back on the caffeine and sugar. Caffeine is a diauretic and all by itself will cause a bonk. I quit coffee for decaf and it actually kept my energy level pretty even for the day. I would feel myself dragging in the after noon. As far as diet, we had a problem when my kids were in sports trying to have a decent meal while always on the run.

Maybe there's something to do with the hockey/karate kid time, I'm assuming you're also doing karate when they are there? Can you play hockey too? do they have stairs at the hockey rink? any way you can negotiate with your wife to let you have a little extra time near YOUR race(those 4-hr blocks)?

just curious, do your kids ride? my kids started about that age, and I'd say about at 9-11 they were at least good enough to do a family enduro (my oldest did half of the Tillamook 100 when he was 10 on his DS80)

I think as long as you feel healthy, and you are able to exert yourself (bicycling, running, yardwork, whatever) for any considerable length of time without getting dizzy or seriously exhausted, don't worry about it. Even the world's most fit person needs fuel and hydration during extended workouts, so that is normal so try to keep liquids and healthy snacks handy most all the time.

I don't think there's any reason to believe that gaining weight will increase your endurance. Regular exercise certainly will.

Age has an effect on cardiovascular endurance, of course. But there's not much you can do about that one.

maybe it would help to watch the "old" guys in the enduros, there's guys that know how to conserve energy and make it last all day.

I have heard that the most difficult thing about rollerblading is convincing your friends that you are not gay. Is this true?

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