mid size

the SBA its bigger than a mini and smaller than a mid size ? wich class it will go ?

By class, if you are talking about racing, it would be in the 10" classes. If you're not racing, you can call in a mini or whatever you want.

thanks , its much bigger than a 50 ?

the sba is certainly bigger than a stock 50, smaller than my OGM 150 pro.

so here is the $1000 question if i put 12 14 wheels combo on the sba it will be as big as your ogm150 ?

thanks guys

No. The relation between the pegs, bars and seat is still different. Have you even gotten these bikes yet? You may find that they work just fine the way they are. Some folks prefer the 10" size to the midsize.

You can add bigger wheels, but again, you may find you don't need to. Give them a chance the way they are.

no i will get em next week , but iam trying to learn as much posible from all you guys , it always great to know as much as you can .


No problem, just don't get too ahead of yourself. You may just love the bike just the way it is. I think you probably will.

sba is a mini

i will take chirorider advise and enjoy the bike , but i will def get some 12 14 combos to have it like an extra , it seems like i can have fun with does also .

i will let you know how it feels , ¡¡¡

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