Red River, home of Last Man Standing

heres a quick video of my friend and I goofing off, most of the areas you see are normally shut off to the public, so we took advantage of them. Got a tad bit of footage of us getting warmed up, I will make a better video next time now that I know what I am doing, that was the technically the first time with a helmet cam.


!!! WARNING!!! Song contains foul language... the next one wont

I hope you enjoy it.

How do you get to that area been going there a year and never seen it.

the pasture is in bills woods, its where the start of LMS 07 was, and the river section is not actually legal, and is prohibited, my friends and I have a secret drop in at the shhhhhh..... FAR NORTH WEST side, you have to circle the perimeter for a few miles, and as soon as you see the river turn left and cross the mud bog. Its pretty sweet being the only one out in the prefect never been touched silty sand. then you can go for about a mile and get on the actual river for about 3 to 5 miles and open your bike up to as fast as you can go for a good 2 min. Ill post some footage of that when I get it done.

Where did you get the helmet cam? Looks like a good riding spot. I love tight trails like that, looks fun.

haha the helmet cam is a GO PRO HERO 3 for $139 bucks plus SD card that you can get at Circuit city!!! its perfect!

The trails in the video are trails you normally blast through, we were just getting started and I ran out of batteries for the good stuff. However I am going to add a video tomorrow of some more cool spots.

Deffinetly one of the best places in Texas, the best in texas maybe in the U.S. for riding, it has EVERYYY thing! and I mean everything. I have been going there for 23 years so I know it like the back of my hand, but if you have only been there 5 or 6 times then you will get lost if you arnt carefull, luckily its only 2200 acres so Its not like you are totally out of it haha.

but Ill add the other video late tonight or early tomorrow.

Can you still get there since Bill's wood's is closed?

ur friend was railing those turns

Can you still get there since Bill's wood's is closed?

well, this is kinda of a no comment type deal, yes I can still get in when its closed. However, it is open to the public.... SADLY! right now. It sucks cause quads go in there and run every tree over they can find, cause they cant fit there many jeeps through it!!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :confused:

This video was from Sunday

ur friend was railing those turns

Thanks man! that was actually me. hince the IBGOINAJ= A.J. Goin, I Be Goin AJ lol

But I have some of him doing it to! Im working on it now

Yeah there is a place here in CA like that. Has all kinds of riding, tracks, hill climbs, washes, foothills, forrest. I love that kind of riding. I have been riding for about 15 years, and for the last 12 I keep going back to that spot every once in a while. Like you said, I know it like the back of my hand, but something about that area that keeps me coming back.

After watching the video and talking about it i want to call in sick to work and go riding:banghead:

Why do we all have to die?

How does he know I am full of sh*t?

the trails in the beginning of the video looked weak. did someone carve them out with a bulldozer or sumthin? :thumbsup:

bahaha, its called 30 years of riding that same trail. Its all I could manage with no batteries and being hung over on a sunday from supercross in dallas...

I have a bit of footage of some stuff from LMS, but not worth posting with us being 50% riding ability...

I promise you though, you should come out and check it out and Ill show you weak! :thumbsup: hahaha

I posted another quick video on the first post.

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