2002 rm250 best pipe/spark arrestor

Picked up a 2002 rm250 and its alot different then my 2000rm

the way it hits and pulls, powerband. Got i stock pipe with a fmf turbinecore2on there now but as soon as i get it dailed in and used to the different powerband wondering what works for others and what dosent, instead of dumping money on a pipe/arrestor combo and not liking it. Any suggestion..........

trust me get a sst pipe and titainum 2 silencer

03 was totalyy different, for a 02 go with the SST for 03 and later PCP2, or PCP if you are all top end.

I think he's looking for more of a bottom end boost with a consistent pull throughout. Right now the bottom is weak and it runs the best in the midrange and top end which is what the SST is for. To add an SST to it seems like its going backwards when it comes to usability.

i got an 02 rm250 with a Pro Circuit pipe and a turbinecore2 silencer. Its better than stock everywhere but it is more noticerable from mid to top, but the bottom was also improved a lil bit. Hope that helps.

i have a o3 rm 250 and the fmf gnarly has been good to me lot off the bottom but lost a bit off the top get a little loose a little depend what you want

:thumbsup: Thanks for all the input guys mxjosh and i are still tryin to figure out the right jetting for where we live out here in cali. Looks like i got a lot to think about. Ill let you ya'll know what pipe combo i decide on and post some pics up soon since i did add some cool stuff to the ol gal....(rm) that is lol...

I've got an 03... Suzuki totally changed the cylinder that year (altogether different than the 02) I have "heard" that the 02 had good low to mid, but lacked top end. If this is your experience, then........

if anybody want a brand new fmf gnarly with no dents and 10 hours on it shoot me a offer

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