2 Stroke mix

I just was curious if I can run 2 stroke mix fuel in 4 strokes. I'm not going to try it but it would be good to know.

You can run some in there occasionally, when you're trying to get rid of some fuel you won't otherwise burn, but you're not accomplishing anything special, and you'll be running a little lean.

It has been done plenty of times when a 4 stroke is out of gas, and you're trying to avoid walking a long ways, but usually it's the 2 stroke that runs out first.

It will smoke alot and smell good.

Ive ran mixed fuel in my Lawn mower with no problems

I have used 1/2 oz mix in a full tank on my XR to lube the carb- helps the slide with a smoother operation.

Stabilizes the fuel a bit also if sitting awhile- I think?

I have not yet tried it on the CRF yet- no need.

Before I drove a diesel, I habitually dumped old premix in my truck. I also use stale premix for the lawn mower, pressure washer, and rototiller. I've dumped plenty of stale premix in my XR over the years. In a pinch, I've topped off my CRF with premix as well.

No, limited use won't hurt it. You'll be running a bit lean, and it may smoke a bit.......worst case, you might foul a plug.

I run mix in my 50 from time to time

heck yeah you can.

I have run in the 450, street bike, truck, law mover, basically everything.

In the car is the best, in traffic it smells like the track.

I think it is hard on the plug if you do it a lot. There is a lot of oil in there and after a while the plug will foul out, but I have never seen it.

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