Tail Light Help

WILL A CRF 45OR have enuff power in the standard stator to run just a brake light so i can have a day time mot?

i may be wrong here but i dont think that any bike without lights such as motocross bikes can have lights added. and if you tried tapping into an ignition power wire you wouldnt have enough juice to even run the bike.there needs to be leads coming out of stator to have the power for it.and everyone that reads let me know if i am wrong, not sure bout this one.

if all you need is a tail light, not a headlight also, just get a baja designs LED tail light it only draws 1 watt. a small battery pack will power it for a long time.

www.wheelingcyclesupply.com can help you out. Forest has all manner of LED taillights. I just instealled one on my XR650r. Sorry that doesnt' answer your question.

check my 07........

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