KX450F top end rebuild question

So is honing the cylinder manditory?

Can I just change the piston?

What do the experts advise?

To hone or not to hone, that is the question...

Of course some will debate it but I have always been told to hone it. There are a few motor experts here on thumpertalk that have posted some pretty informative posts on why a cylinder should be honed. Search it and you will find some good info. To me,its worth the extra $20 to have it done..

Hone it. You have to break the glaze off the cylinder walls and get a good cross hatch in there for good ring seal. Cylinder glaze or a improper break in, and you just wasted your time and money. You can get a ball hone for about 30 dollars at Napa. Good luck with ya rebuild.

I just use a piece of scotch brite pad and work the cylinder in a cross-hatch pattern.

Actually honing these cylinders will not do much if anything for you. Honing ball are lead and the material on the cylinder walls is far far harder.

If you can look down the barrel and still see a mirror like finish and do not have any extra material from piston/rings on it you will be fine.

Heat cycle once when you get it back together then ride it hard for 10 minutes to set the new rings, cool it down and go man go!!

I always heard it was pointless to hone plated cyl's. You should always hone a cyl with out any plating though.

Yeah, I have heard from both sides of the fence locally as well. On shop here has a "Nikisil hone" of which I was advised to use. Another local builder said if its clean just change the piston.

Since we just got a 10" dump of snow in Anchorage yesterday, i think I'll look into it some more and just load up the sleds for the hills one more weekend before worrying about the two wheeled fun.

I bought a ball hone two years ago and honed my 06 cylinder, but the hone must have been too course because even after break in hours of run time the cross hatch never went away. The bike ran fine, its just that the cylinder neven did look smooth again like it did from the first piston.

Does anyone have a recommendation regarding what type or size of hone to use?

I use a fine grit ball hone 4" works well. I always hone when I change rings or the whole piston.

purchased a fine grit, 4" diameter ball hone yesterday and will get honed tonight...then take care of the cylinder tomorrow...

Thanks for the input folks!:thumbsup:

Note to Self:

Before teraing engine down and commencing with rebuild, ensure you have a GASKET KIT!!!

Man I went and had my work area ready, stopped at NAPA and got planty of cleaner and rags and scrapers and everything, and then realized on sat night that I forgot gaskets from the shop. Bone Head!!

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