It seems a lot of you swear by Rotella oil from Shell. Trouble is I can't find it in the UK. I've tried the Shell site and it's not listed on the UK page. Do any of you know if it's sold under a different name in the UK. Thanks.

Here Rotella is a 15W-40 diesel oil. I imagine you can find something similar in the UK. I'll run either Rotella or Delo400, depending on what is on sale (my pickup takes 4 gallons per oilchange)

If you are looking for a good diesel oil, John Deere or Case-IH engine oil is as good or better, and easy to find (but not cheap).

Does Shell sell any 15w-40 oil there? Might be a different name there? Any 15w-40 diesel oil is good stuff and should work well in your bike regardless of who made it.

Any high quality 15w40 diesel oil will work great, just don't buy a no name brand. Try and look for some 76 lube gaurdol 15w40, or Chevron Delo 15w40.

Just check your local parts store and see what you can find. Buy it in the 5 gallon or 20 L pails, that way it is cheaper per/L. And, you will eventually use it all up.

Thanks guys. I didn't realise it was a diesel oil. That means the stuff that goes in my truck can go in the bike too:ride:

It's called Rimula in Europe.

It's called Rimula in Europe.
Used to see that at the local Carquest.

I've used Rotella with good success in my big GS1150 and it seems to do just fine ~


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