Diagonal tie down question

I have a Nissan Titan and I was told that my bike can be tied down diagonal. I was told to put the front tire in the left hand corner and the rear tire in the right hand corner. The tie downs would go from the handle bars to the left rear and the right front tie down hooks in my bed. The problem is when I tried this the front tire came away from the front corner so the bike could roll forward and back. This did not seem very safe so I didn't haul it this way but I would like to if it will work. Am I doing something wrong? I did not have the tailgate up when I tried this because I still needed to load some of my stuff. Does the tailgate need to be up when I tighten it down? If the tailgate needs to be up wouldn't this defeat the purpose of being able to load my gear in and close the tailgate? I would have to load my bike and then lift my ramp and all of my other things over the closed tailgate. Help?:thumbsup:

some of my buddies tie it like you said... their bikes do roll back and forth but they havn't had one fall yet. me on the other hand like to know my bike ain't going no where so i put the front tire straight about 1/4 of the way accross the bed then swing the back end diagonal and tie to the two front posts.

Just move your straps closer to the corner with the front tire. That will stabilize your bike, and pull it into the corner, keeping it tight.:thumbsup:

My truck with a 6.5ft bed and toolbox fits a diagonal bike so snuggly that I dont really need straps (though I do put them on). If you are worried about the bike rolling you could always put a third strap on it pulling it towards the back right or front left corner.

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