what is squish clearnance and how do I measure it?

ok guys I read a couple of posts on the squish thread but Im confused as to what squish clearance is and what effect is has on a motor....can some body please elaborate? How do I measure it? Do I need a special tool? Thanks in advance guys...

the solder works.. we have used non sticky clay to measure as well.. engine at TDC.. Clay in the combustion chamber, old gasket, tighten to spec.. remove and measure

You will need a micrometer thats reasonably accurate to measure.

I did nto use clay as I thought I might have to ship it off. I thought solder would hold up better.

What sort of difference will you see after milling it?

Is starting or reliability impacted?

I see from other posts that some people mill the dome to lower compression back to stock. Why would you do that rather than leave it alone?



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