Picking a gear

I was seeing this after reading some people comment "go up a gear" for certain conditions...so say you're going along in 3rd, and you go through a sharp corner or something you have to slow way down for, should you shift down to 2nd or lug it/get the revs up then let the clutch out(sorry don't know what that's called).

Is there benefits to being in a higher gear than you think you should be? If you're in between is it better to lug a little than be screaming in a lower gear?

Please explain further the benefits of what you get in being in a higher gear(I think it involved turns, mud, sand, baby heads

I'm using 2, 3, 4 with my bike, hardly ever 1st(like really hardly ever), on the trail I usually start it in 2nd and go (is this a bad thing, do I always need to find neutral first,it seems it takes me forever to find it on purpose).

I have seen how muddy steep hills are better if my bike's in 2nd, 1st is terrible--I mean with tracking if you are stopped and have to start up again, in first the back tire likes to go sideways. (though this may be better now that we've done mods)

If you think of anything else on this topic, please comment, thanks!!! I'd like to pick gears better, I mean I seem to do alright, but if there are tricks to get better traction, tracking, etc, with choosing a higher gear let me know!!! :thumbsup:

If i am ridding on a 4 stroke i always ride a gear higher becuase there is less engine braking. I also find alot smoother power control. If you like being in the upper RPMs and have a heavy right hand try a G2 throttle tube with a milder cam and see how you like it.

2 Stroke i ride in the right gear for upper RPM power but if it gets slick i always keep it higher then it needs to be.

The best parts of ridding a gear higher is traction, throttle controll, and just stab the clutch if you need power right away. Just my ways of ridding.

i also ride a wr 250f and i find the gear higher works very well for certian conditions, the bike will grip better ,ride smoother through soft sand a gear higher.eg get to the highest gear as quick as you can bike sort of rises and skips over weras in a lower gear it digs through.steep hills if ya have stopped 2nd to take off again as youve found and whoops are easier in a higher gear.i dont really no why:ride: but with corners it all depends on difficulty factor of the corner and personal preferance, personally id rather go into a corner in a lower gear with the revs up,higher engine breaking untill apex, then snap it on and shortshift out of the corner if needed:ride:

it depends what bike i'm riding, if i'm riding my 500, i rarely ever need to get out of 3ed, hills, turns, sand, mud, rock anything 3ed's the gear, dads 450 does well from 2ed-4th, and i run a gear high usually to keep it lugging, and only revv it if say i see somone bike laying on a hill i can use for traction and need to get the front wheel over it, 500 all it needs is more twist, on my 250 two stroke i like to keep it in the power band, just easier, it does lug okay, but things are easier when it's revving it's tit's off, and my brothers 250F is much the same as the 250 smoker, it does lug okay, but the higher the rev's the better.

in slippery conditions (wet rocks, mud ect) unless i'm on a 125 i lug more then i would if it's dry or just damp.

on a 125 there is NO low end so you really have no choice.

The rear suspension is allowed to work more freely when not bound up by too low a gear choice.

Sounds like you could/should change sprockets (bigger front/smaller rear) so first is more usable, it will also naturally put you in a higher gear as you'll still choose 2, 3, 4 most of the time.

I went from stock 13/50 to 14/52, a seemingly small % change but it made all the difference in smoothing out my ride.

Just wanted to say I practised corners( a small oval of our track was dry enough) and one was tacky mud with small ruts, going up a gear really helped the wheels grab and stick, felt real solid and smoother power. THanks!

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