2006 Crf450r

Would someone be able to tell me the pro's and con's on the 06' CRF450R. I'm already dealing with the tranny problems (type of gears & fluid level) with the 05' CRF450X and I would like to know if there are some flaws with the 06' CRF450R. I have a buddy who may buy one!

No complaints here. Well, maybe. Its just too much.

I love my 06. It handles well and the motor is one of the strongest produced. I have made slight changes to it to get it to turn a little better, mainly the front tire. Other than that, it is a great bike. I love it and am in no hurry to get rid of it.

No complaints here on my 06 CRF450R. I have had it at the indoor track all winter and just took it to a outdoor MX track last Sunday. I like it way better than my 05 YZ450F.:thumbsup:

i have a 06 here. absolutly no problems, not even so much as a spart plug. go out, flick on the choke and second kick everyday. by the sounds of some of the cons with the 08, i won't be shipping her off any day soon for one.

I just bought my second 06 a couple of weeks ago. 4999$ out the door was too cheap to pass up. I took off my RG3 suspension from the old one and swapped it out to the new one. the diference in price verses what I sold it for was 1400$. I would say that is a good deal considering it was time to go through the motor on my old one.

I love mine. Trouble free pretty much. But here's my best answer (based on reading and personal experience):

The rims are weak and the water pump seal tends often winds up leaking.

The 06 seems to be a magical year where everything works well, no flaws to speak of, nothing you need to do to keep it from running and winning. I love mine and two of my racing buddies are also on the 06 and see no reason to change.

don't mean to high jack but what about the 05?

Just sold my 2006.....

No problems all year. Raced 1 - 2 times a month.

Removed the filter screen.

Ran 4-stroke motor oil in both sides.

Buy a fuel screw and off you go.

I now have an 08'

not alot of diffrence.

Good luck

Never had so much as a sneeze from my 06. Rock solid, awesome bike, probably the best I ever had. I'm sure my 08 will be pretty much the same.

That said, being a 2 year old bike, your "buddy" should factor a top end kit into the purchase proce, just to be smart. Rebuild for piece of mind and ride.

Here's some basics - but true for most bikes:

-check & tighten the spokes often - they loosen up.

-run the oil levels a tad higher than the manual says

-keep the air filter CLEAN to prolong engine life

-grease the shock linkage and steering head bearings frequently if you pressure wash

I love my 2006 crf450 with these mods:

FMF Exhaust & MegaBomb Header

Galfer 270mm Oversize Front Brake

Galfer Steel Brake Lines Front and Rear

E-line Skid Plate

Cycra Full Plastic Kit

ONE Alpine Graffics

TrailTech Flywheel Weight

FastWay Foot Pegs

Clarke 2.8 gal. Gas Tank

Unabiker Radiator Guards

Twin Air Filter kit

Applied Triple Clamps 22mm

Smith Grips

Cycra ProBend Handguards

Renthal Oversize Bar

Vortex #51 Rear Sprocket

GPR Steering Stabilizer

GPR Post Mount

Bottom Stem Bearing/Press-In

Cycra Front Disc Guard

Galfer Brake Pads

Spare Twin Air Filter

Chain - RK Mxgold

I love mine also but can't hang on very long.Guess i need to ride more

don't mean to high jack but what about the 05?

I had an 05 450R I bought new and kept for 2 years. Now back on a YZ250 2 stroke which I now feel was probably a mistake. Now, looking back I wish I had added a FWW and 22mm clamps and kept it.

The CRF was trouble free, I had about 90 hours on it. Valves never even needed adjustment and were still within new specs when I sold it.

Monster motor, tons of power everywhere, but very stall prone, I should have added a FWW but never did. Biggest problem with the motor is I could not hang on to it!

Stock front tire is junk as is the stock chain. Getting the air filter in and out is a big pain. Having separate oil for tranny and crankcase adds some time to the oil changes. Rims are soft and dent easily, rear spokes took forever to seat. Stock suspension is great, by far the best stock I have ever ridden.

Biggest complaint I had was poor turning and a front end I could not not trust in the turns. I never could get it to turn good. Thats the one thing about my YZ that is worlds better ,it turns great, front end sticks and is very predictable. IMO the YZ feels much lighter when riding it, mostly in turns. The rear brake on my CRF was crap, both compared to my YZ and to the 3 CR500s I owned in the past but the front was awesome.

The 06 has some good refinements that help the front end issues I think. Motor is pretty much identical to the 05. great stock bike overall

Love my 06'. I don't really see a need to do too many mods to it other than get a new chain. Power wise- it has plenty. I also bought a "leftover" for $5200 OTD back in January. Other than a chain, if you are riding MX you might want to revalve your suspension, but stock can work well too for the average rider.

As of now, I only have an aftermarket chain, foot pegs, and grips on my bike. Going to get my Factory Connection suspension done when I get my tax returns back. Any day now!! :thumbsup:

I personally think that the '06 CRF450R is one of the best bikes made.

I love my 06 so much I think im gonna dump the wife keep the bike!!!

I believe the 06 is the best year produced

got a problem though my 2006 crf450r wont kick start but it will bump start but when running it runs like crap and is constantly trying to die we cheacked the valve clearence and timing and those are fine what could be wrong it has compression i just cant think of anything else

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