May Dirt Bike....

Good two stroke articles. Suggest you pick this issue up as it will probably the last 2 stroke issue ever.

Not great, but decent.

Can the article be posted here? I doubt it will be the last two stroke article unless the mags just want to ignore them more completely then they have. Is it not true that the bike makers will still be making them now that more racers are buying them due to the back to even classes? I thought there were talks of going forward by Suzuki and Yamaha at least and KTM for sure. If anyone makes a 2 stroke and the mags dont write about them that would be an obvious shame. I for one will never buy a bike again from a manufacturer who does not provide me with a choice. Honda is now out of the question, but no loss there anyway. I am very excited to test ride a direct inject KTM. If the mags dont do a test on that they are missing the boat.

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