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!!!!!!!!bike Thieves In Nw Florida Alert!!!!!!!!!!

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Last week, a friend of mine said some of his street riding friends had their 4 bikes stolen while they were in Destin, broad daylight, while they were eating lunch 100 feet away.

Today, another friend, who lives about 1/2 mile from me, went to go to work, and was walking towards his bike. Instead of his blue Yamaha R6 being there, a Sheriff's car was sitting.

He walked up to the deputy, and said,"my bike used to be parked here." The deputy said,"Oh s**t! Another one? That's four for today, in SAME apartment complex."

Poor kid JUST bought the bike 2 weeks ago, and just got his riders' cert. He only had liability on it. The apartment complex, which is HUGE, has NO security, nor security cameras. SOL. $5k down the toilet.

So, since I have had punks steal from my garage while I was deployed, I locked up my garage, and told the kids no riding for a few days, until this crap blows over.

I was stationed in the UK, and the punks waited about a week after I deployed and broke it. USAA doesn't cover dirt bikes (at least in the UK), they did say that if it was a riding mower, it would have been covered...that was funny. Brand new OTB YZ426F.

Time to recheck my insurance...

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