New Bike Question

As a current owner of a CRF230F, I have a couple of questions that I thought some of you who own not only a bigger bike, but a different series could answer. When I went to my local dealer, I wanted a dirt bike but didn't know anything about them. The dealer pointed me towards the F series saying that the X and R series were much more labor intensive and they have to be ran wide open all the time, otherwise they wouldn't run correctly. I mainly do trail riding and don't have any future plans on jumping Cesar's Palace in Vegas, but it would be nice to have a bigger bike at some point in the future and the 230 is the largest F series that Honda currently offers. So, my question is: what exactly is the "much more labor intensive" part refering to, and why would they have to be ran wide open all the time? Granted, I don't really know the difference between the X and the R's, but hopefully someone will point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance,


Promptly go back to that dealer and jack slap that guy then go somewhere else.

"More labor intensive".

>>Not true.

"why would they have to be ran wide open all the time"

>>Not true. Sounds like cross between a 2 stroke comment and stupidity.

Xs are generally considered to be trail bikes and Rs are generally considered to be for MX

well they are a little more work but in my opinion its worth ever peck. ver frequent oil changes, a ever couple rides, same with oil filters, air filter, regular valve checks etc. but its worth it.

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