Pace American

My dad and I have been looking around for a trailer. We have looked at the wells cargo(seems like the best), haulmark, and Pace American. We recently found a good deal on a Pace American and we were wondering if anyone who owned one had any complaints or good things to say about it. My Dad was kind of skeptical of the roof because it wasn't bolted down on the top. We don't know if this was the same on the wells cargo because we didn't check.

I think he trailers with all the rivets on them are ugly. The skin looks warped and they could leak from the seams. If you are in SoCal, check out Universal Trailers in San Bernardino.

Don't be scared of riveted panels...semi trailers come this way from the factory, and it's never the rivets that's where the dopes who can't drive hit stuff that poke holes in them that leaks.:thumbsup:

For some reason, the trailers don't look as smooth as a big rig trailer.

i have a 6 x 12 enclosed pace trailer i use for roadracing and

have nothing bad to say about it. i customized the interior for

power (12V and shore) air and lighting, added exterior lights

and went down the road. only problem i have had was loss

of one tire outside twentynine palms, which also took a

fender, but replaced both w/heavier load rated tires and

no worries since. i would guess i have over 30K miles w/it

and never a leak or hiccup, the floorboards are still solid

(covered w/outdoor carpet) after many miles of being

soaked w/fluids from crashed bikes/blown motors.

i would suggest you get at least 6' interior height, ramp

door and stabilizer jacks, but it has been good to me

so far.


I have the 6x12 as well. The trailer has not given me any issues at all. I did buy better tires and wheels, but I havn't installed them yet. For now they are just VERY nice spares...

I do wish the floors were a bit thicker. When I mounted my Condor wheel chocks I felt the need to add plywood panels underneath so the bolts would have something stronger to hold on to. But other than that it seems to be an OK trailer. I'm actually thinking of upgrading to a 7x14 dual axel so I can carry more. If I do this I will consider sticking with Pace. BTW - the 7x14 has a slightly thicker floor from the factory...

I had a 5x10 Pace Amer for close to 10 years. Never gave me a lick of trouble worth mentioning (sat out in the AZ sun for most of it's life too). I've since moved up to a 7x14 Haulmark.

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