200XC/XC-W help?

Just wondering.... I don't understand what the difference is between the two bikes. The XC-W is 8.5 pounds lighter and has 0.1 gallons less fuel capacity. They look like the same bike?:thumbsup:

KTM is notorious for widely varying stats. They weigh close to the same, the tanks are close to the same. The W has wide ratio gears and softer susp. The XC is more of a race bike with stiffer susp and close ratio gears.

I think...

The w has a wide ratio transmission, softer suspension, an enduro type computer, a higher output stator, and a spark arrestor. the 07 had cast triple clamps while the xc got the alloy. In 08 I think they all use the same triple clamp. There might be other differences I didn't mention.

i look at it this way. the w is a enduro bike minus lights. the xc is a harescramble bike.:thumbsup:

no lights and no spark arrestor in USA

The site is off. The 08 200XC is like 206lb or something. Really want to get one

Both bikes wiegh virtually the same.

Is the XC now running the twin chamber forks vs the open chamber? This would be a major difference.

The XC runs stiffer valving and a closer ratio tranny that the W. The tranny gearing is not extreme as both bikes share almost identical 2nd - 4th gears. The W has a lower 1st and taller 5th and 6th gears. The W is ready for lights and has the computer. The XC has the basics for lights but still needs a little wiring for them. Both share the same frame and subframe for 08.

Yea....Thier website list the wieghts incorrectly. In my 08 owners manual it states the 200 XC as 208.4 lbs without fuel, and for the XCW 209.3. So only less than 1lb difference between the two. I love my W model, and I think it is the best woods bike ever made.

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