I know this is getting old but I read alot of the posts about jetting and think I am more confused now then ever. I have a '01 WR426. It is stock except I removed the airbox lid, ground down the throttle stop, cut the grey wire, & removed the exhaust tip insert. After this "uncorking" wouldn't it be logical to expect to need a rejet. I was think about going up one jet size on the main and pilot. (that would be a 168 main & 45 Pilot) Is this OK? What do the experts recommend? What about the pilot screw? It runs ok as it is with some minor popping on decel...need advice!!! Thanks.

If it runs good with only some minor popping on Decel and your happy with the power, you should only turn the fuel screw out 1/4 turn at a time until the popping quits. The baseline is 1 1/4 if you have to go out more than two full turns then a pilot increase would be recommended. Keep it simple and make changes slowly and as a result of a problem only. Major jetting changes should be the result of major changes on the bike...IE..Aftermarket Header/Exhaust change, Major Altitude changes.

Good Luck...

Also do a search on: Jetting Q's

Valueable info...

Bonzai :)

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