need help w/ track layout

ok, I need some help desiding how my track should go, were i should put jumps what kind of jumps and all that. I'm thinking itl need to be more of a supercross style track because theres not to much room and not much natural terrain

heres a picture of the land available, it is about 2 to 2.5 acres the blue line can not have any jumps the red line is a natural hill which to the south east is high and to the north west is low so its a slope going down...idk how to describe it realy lol:bonk: . the pink box is already a pretty decent tabletop which could be put into the track.

any help would be awesome


oops forgot the picture lol hold on il get it up


see if it works


and the land go's about 30 more yards to the left thats not in the picture

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