XT350 intake boots

Hey everybody, it's been a while since I posted. My beautiful '95 DR350SE w/ every possible mod & upgrade was stolen Hallowen night:mad: ,BUT a buddy of mine GAVE me his old XT350, which needs a ton of work, but I'm not gonna complain about a free machine, right? So here's my drama- I was removing the carbs to O/haul them, & the screws for both intake hoses(Closest to motor) were difficult to get turning & the left one was simply impossible. So I start prying the carb real gently & R R I I P P !!! The left one tore off completely, & the right one ripped about 1/2 way through. I priced 'em (YIKES, 85.00 for both!), & also lost an auction for a set last night.So I am thinking about glueing them back together- Have any of you guys ever had this happen & glued them back together? And if so, what type adhesive did you use? Thanks a ton in advance, Br!an......................................

I went through a couple of sets of those hoses to the airbox. They tear where the clamps go. And I can't remember how many sets of manifold boots I went through. At least three that I can remember for sure. Of course I also had the bike for 17 years.

But my point is that you should replace both anytime you rehab an old XT350 anyway. Especially the manifold boots. The last thing you want on a bike that is jetted lean is a leaky carb to head boot. And they are a known weakness on XT350's.

And sure as you glue those rubber boots from the airbox they will give out right when you give it a good dose of sand or mud. I had an engine rebuilt from that exact event using beach sand. So personally, I would bite the bullet and order new boots or keep a close eye on eBay.

Glue won't work.

Buck up and buy a set just like every other XT350 owner.

A new set will last several years.

I agree with the other posters. You can not glue these things and have them hold. I owned a XT350 and a TT350 and the boots went bad on both. Buy new ones and you won't have to worry.

Thanks for the advice guys. I just looked on Ronnie's mail order, & they've gone up a couple more dollars each, I figured I'd have to buy 'em, just kind of hoping someone knew a way............Thanks again, for the responses, Br!an.

The first two times the manifolds on my XT failed, Yamaha ponied up and paid for them, several years out of warranty. Certainly says Yamaha knew they had a design defect. The next time they failed, I did try to glue them. I checked them in six months (never had any sign of a vacuum leak) and they are once again seperated. so I replaced with new. Now, at 15 years old, they have failed again. At least the fit between the air inlet tubes and the head is tight enough to 'clamp' the carb assy. in place.

Not much you can do about the intake rubbers getting hard and cracking.

To much heat from the engine and not much air flow going over them.

I have tried a mod of the intake manifold.

Not many miles on the mod so I don't know long it will last?:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Remove all the rubber from manifold. I used a wire wheel.

Went to hardware store and purchased some 1 1/4" ID vinyl tube with a green stripe.

Cut tube to same length as stock manifold when slipped on manifold.

Fits very tight on carb. :ride:

I put mine in the sun for an hour or so to get it soft.

You could put it boiling water so it will slip on the carb.

Hose clamp both ends and your good to go.

Good luck,

Corky:ride: :confused::ride:

Good thinking corky.

Hopefully they dont fail and that means you have solved the problem. Do you know what heat rating that hose is? It is pretty close to the exhaust, you wouldn't want them mealting/distorting. And did you consider gluing the pipes on or using a silicone adhesive of some sort?

I don't know anthing about the properties of the tubing.

The heat hasn't bothered the tubing yet??

Gluing or sealant is just adding another vairable??

Corky:ride: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

I ponied up for new intake boots, and will install them this weekend. I think I may try your mod with the new ones as added insurance. It's really the biggest pain in the butt with an otherwise solid bike. Thanks for the tip.

Oh wow, very cool mod, Corky. I got my boots yesterday, & I think for extra strength, I'll try your idea, thanks again.

I could make an aluminium mount for this application.Please PM.

Here's my fixCIMG8978.jpgCIMG8981.jpg

Hi Paul - how has your fix held up ? tube and sealant ? cheers

Here's my fixCIMG8978.jpgCIMG8981.jpg

Hi guys - well I think this has fixed my leaky manifold problem on my 1984 XT250T - followed Pauls idea - used some 34mm ID silicone hose - about 7cm in total (supplier says it will withstand 200+C degrees/fuel resistant - MAXIPARTS in Australia) also some Permatex Copper Silicone gasket ( 300+C Degrees) the best way to cut tubing is with a Mitre saw (slowly) - cuts really clean and accurate. Clean up the alloy flanges on a wire wheel. The 34mm hose was easy to slip over them even though they are about 38mm in diameter when cleaned up. Clamped them in the vice up over night to set the silicone then put hose clamps on in the morning. Fitted them up - Bike starts/idles like a beauty now ! total cost about $35 for both - cheap as! I will give you a followup in a month or two but they look like they will last pretty good.



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For you fellas having your boots cracking out, this page shows some of the causes: http://jbmindustries.com/CLAMPtsr.html

I was reading up on softening old rubber for some other parts, and found some guys are soaking their intake boots in a wintergreen oil mixed with solvent to deliver it into the rubber. Some using isoproponol, however its spelled, rubbing alcohol. Couldn't find long term results, but seems good for six months or more. Quad carb street bikers...

Most awesome - nice job.  Mine are years old and no leaks.  Just did the same thing to my '84 XT.

Most awesome - nice job.  Mine are years old and no leaks.  Just did the same thing to my '84 XT.

 Quick question, where did you get your hose and what exactly is it called? I'm in Edmonton, Canada looking to do the same thing for my '87 XT350. I would like to try and get the hose locally but I'm having some trouble finding a place with the type of hose that you guys are talking about.

Edit: Also, how is this tubing holding up to fuel going through it?

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Most hoses with the right inner diameter will work. I actually found the length of rubber tubing in a parts store discount bin and figured I had nothing to lose.

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