Chinese engine Identification.

With so many clones out there. Is there an easy way to identify brands when there are no obvious "name tags".


the ones that are in the dumpster are chinese and the japanese bikes have actual serial numbers,ooops im a hater byediddelybye

just a name on the side of the engine plate covering the stator :

why ?

Well with out any "real" way(IE cast in trade marks) to identify these engines one just has to take the sellers word as to the make. You could have several engines that look identical and none of them be from the same manufacturer. Name plates can be changed from engine to engine.

engine fins/side cover shape/cam or pushrod/air or liquid

Professor pit,

I made the post about the 171FMM engine that is supposed to be 229cc advertised as 250cc on a Taotao 250 D. I have found 2 other guys with the same Taotao 250 D ATV but from a different dealer and their engine is LC163FM1 which I assume is Loncin and should be 197cc, but their emission tag says 230cc just like mine.

Without disassembling my engine I believe mine to be a Zongshen with 71mmx58mm bore and stroke that equals 229cc. What concerns me is that the chinese are good at copying things and there appears to be no real way to identify these engines as some don't even have any engine model number and just a serial number.

I have seen water cooled, and air cooled that have the same engine model number of 171FMM and yet they are physically different. I am beginning to believe that each dealer can choose his engine supplier or what it says on the side cover and of course a 197cc engine will be cheaper than say a 229cc engine, so there is more profit involved for the dealer.

My engine runs great and has good power, but I would like the know what fits what and if we can depend on any of these engine numbers or emissions tags on our chinese ATV's.



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