Clutch levers.

Well I gave my stock clutch lever a custom bend this weekend at Hatfield.

I am looking to get something that will also reduce my clutch lever activation effort as well as being a shorter lever.

I really would like a two finger lever without going to the extreme of chopping off the end.

So what are people running that they are happy with. I want to retain the electric start and hot start on my WR450F...

I looked at AVS but was unsure of where else to look for different products.

how much is that lever in USD?

how much is that lever in USD?
That would be US$45.00 in greenbacks plus shipping. I have one also & I don't get any armpump or wrist problems. Being an old bloke you need all the help you can get. :thumbsup:

The Zeta pivot lever is very sweat. They fit in your stock perch and the machining is superior to any ASV i've seen. Around $40 from TT should carry Zeta products.

The only problem is they only list a BRAKE lever for a YZF and apparently it's somehow different than the WR. I wish someone would explain how as I like the Zeta so much I would be willing to alter one to fit. My bike is an '05.

Another pic

I think with the ASV and maybe the Zeta you could run into a problem if you dual sported your bike. The backside of the clutch lever has an adjustment for the lever angle and the bolt sticks out. Its possible that the adjustment bolt could hit the turnsignal switch if you have one on your bike like I do.

I would be happy to find a shorter clutch lever that doesnt fold out. My bike weighs enough.I dont need to keep adding anymore things to it.Im trying to get rid of things on my bike that are there

I run Zetas from Wheeling on both my dual sported WR and DRZ SM. I have no interference issues with them at all. They are available in three finger and four finger.

Try a Rekluse, it's a no-finger clutch.

Try a Rekluse, it's a no-finger clutch.

My old DRZ had one. I am thinking about it, but not very seriously as I have dumped enough cash on this bike...

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