i know youve heard this a million times.......

but when i ride, i can hear the valves tapping pretty good especially when at a steady speed in any gear. sounds like a car low on oil. which im not. totally stock bike as far as i know, 8.5k on the bike is it time to check valves? im running 10-40 in it also but its generic from the gas station as i overfilled then over un-filled:crazy: and ran out of good stuff from the dealer. thought it might be cam chain since i have an 02 ACCT. (plan on upgrading when i get paid friday). but listened to it at idle next to the bike then slowly revved while listening and its def. valves but im no bike mech. so question is, should i check valve clearances? could it be low quality oil? will running a steady 60- 75 mph (10 miles?) on stock sprockets cause things to loosen up? sorry for the long-winded post:blah: but like so many others here recently; i am noob.

its not the valves.its the cam chain.

First check and make sure that your spark plug wire is connected firmly. If it is not this will cause it to start hard, and jump a spark throwing the timing off. Cam chain is also a good guess as they can get stretched. My guess tho is you have a collapsed piston. Valves don't just magically get loose and tick. They get tight with wear because they are stretched, or the faces wear thin.

sweet. i read all the posts about the stock tensioners last night and i was scared to ride today, but i did and it was good. should this sudden noise keep me from normal riding? or should i wait till my MCCT comes?

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