False Neutral Problems

Hey all,

Lately I've been having a couple of problems getting a false neutral when shifting up or down between 2nd and 3rd on my 07 450. Just wondering if any one has had this problem and if the tranny fluid level could effect this?? I currently am running the reccomeded level from the CRF FAQ page.

Any help would be great.

Has the bike been crashed or laid over on the left side lately? Be Honest! The reason for the question is that, if it has and your problem is relatively new, that could explain how a shift fork could have been bent just enough to cause the poor shifting: if the shift lever saw some trauma, a bent shift fork is often the result. If it is bent badley enough, it will seize to the gear that it meshes with eventually.

This would be the worst case scenario and would be fixed by pulling the motor/splitting cases/ replacing fork/gear and putting it all back together with new gaskets.

Hope this helps.

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