Clutch push lever for 03 WR450

How does the clutch push lever for an 03 WR450 come out of the engine case. I took the 1 bolt out and tried to pull it out. No luck.

Thanks for the help.

Do you have a service manual? It details the process quite thoroughly. If not, download one from the link in the P.I. sticky...SC

First off, dump your oil. To get this lever out, you need to remove your clutch cover and the six clutch spring bolts. Then the pressure plate needs to come off. Then you will have to remove the push rod 'T' end piece with the ball bearing inside it. While holding the clutch plates in place,(extra set of hands helps) tilt the bike over to the left and the push rod that links to the piece you want to remove should slide out. Now the actuating lever you want out will come out. (You will see the dished part the rod sits into). When your clutch cable pulls on the actuating lever, it turns. There is a rod that sits into a dished part of that actuating lever at the bottom end. This rod in turn pushes on the ball bearing inside the 'T' piece, (because everything is spinning)which pushes the pressure plate outwards against the clutch springs releasing the clutch pressure and allowing you to shift smoothly. It is very simple to do, get a manual for the torque specs when re-installing. Why are you removing this lever?

Thanks for the help. I have a manual but I wasn't sure about the rod on the clutch side. I am removing it because my back wheel got twisted and the chain came off and cracked the engine case where the clutch lever goes in. I was going to try JB weld to fix the crack. Any ideas?

Devcon Magic Bond is one product you could try.

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