Got a 2006 honda crf230f today. i have questions

i got myself a 230 today and boy did i like it!!!

i didnt get the manual so here are my questions

how much oil do i put in? and is there an oil filter?

like a quart or 900ml and no oil filter

there are air filters on 230's

he asked about oil filters

put in a quart of oil. 10w-30, 10w-40, and 15w-40 are the most common. there is an oil screen but no oil filter so you dont have to worry about changing oil filters.

do you always have to clean the screen out?

not always but if its got metal shavings or anything else for that matter you should clean it, i used to use compressed air, not too much presure and blew the shavings out of the screen

well i cleaned it out. i found a wierd looking small round piece of metal? and little pieces of rubber. but i changed the oil correctly thanks to everyone

do you always have to clean the screen out?

Plain common sense dictates that you should clean it out everytime. I run with 10W40.


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