Best Enduro 450+, Honda, Yamaha or KTM?

Due to a lower back injury, I cannot ride my ATK more than about 30 minutes, too much bouncing hurts the back. I can ride the XR650L all day on tough trails, but it is not competitive in a tight Enduro because of its size and weight. I am looking for a bike to ride SERA Enduros. I like the Engine feel of the XR650, which has plenty of steady, reliable power. I need a bike with a little more weight than the ATK to ride through, rather than jump or bounce over, those ruts and holes. I am looking at the KTM450 or 520, as well as YZF\WR450 and CRF450. I think the KTM520 would resemble the power of my XR650 and am leaning in that direction, but am looking close at the YZF\WR450. Please comment?

Think Blue brother... :):D :D

For the type of riding you do cross the YZ and CRF off your list as they are hardcore MotoX Machines.

and Wait for the WR and test it before you go falling around in the Pumpkin Patch.

:D :D Ride Blue :D:)

Sorry, got to throw this in. If you really want the shiznit of enduro bikes, check out the TM line. Now your talking a "works" bike right off the floor. Aside from that, you can't go wrong with any of the bikes you've listed............


Dodger :D:)

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