2000 WR400 vs XR650L

Ok, a fellow just offered to trade me his plated, modded 2000 WR400 for my '93 XR650L. My question is, what is the power difference between these 2 bikes? I enjoy lofting my front tire during roll on 3rd gear wheelies with my 650L, however, I dont like humping that big bike around in the woods. Any comparisons would be appreciated, as I am actually considering parting with my pig.

Ive owned many bikes .And trading Hondas for Yamahas is last on my list for offering advice

The power is probably pretty close, it just makes its power farther up in the rev range.

Don't even consider it unless he lets you really try out the 400. You may love it, you may hate it. Until you ride it, who knows?


Those older WR400's are pretty quick and fairly reliable. It'd be a little better in the tough stuff and probably not as good gobbling up miles....you know same ole blah blah blah...

You just got to ride it and see if it suits you. Good luck.

Well, the guy with the WR400 just got back to me after I asked him some more questions. Turns out, his bike isnt totally dual sported, like I thought. It has a plate, thats all. No brake light, turn signals, mirrors, etc... However, it does have a desert tank, full FMF system, steering stabilizer and a Trailtech computer. What do you guys think? Would it be a fair trade, even if I have to buy a Baja Designs or similar kit to make it street legal?

if it is street registered it's worth it. to be honest with you the deal sounds to good to be true. he might have some engine issues he's not telling you about.

My riding bud has one dualsported and wheelies are no problem (typical mods). It has been very reliable.

Keep in mind your really going to miss the E-start and its going to have to be regeared because its going to scream for mercy on the highway.

Go to the WR forum and do some searches on it and you should get some useful info.

I know that for some reason the carb slide is known to crack in them..

Good luck ..

Well, the fellow with the WR just sent me a long email detailing what it has installed. Ok, here goes. Trailtech computer, FMF Powerbomb header/FMF pipe, 2 tanks both stock and larger, 2 seats, aftermarket bars, Enduro lighting kit with turn signals/brake light and 1 mirror, horn, hi-lo beams, extra springs/sprockets/stock bars, ?Billit? clutch installed with an extra new one in box and a street plate. Would I be stupid not to trade, if the bike is in good shape? My bike has an Acerbis 5.8 tank, Twin Air filter, desmog/carb mods, fork brace, newer tires, lowering link, Protaper bars, Supertrapp can, cargo rack and an XR style tail light.

So in summary, considering that both bikes are in equal conditon, I am getting a good deal right?

I would ask him why he wants a 650l since he has done all that work to the wr . Sound like and I could be wrong like somethings wrong maybe time for a rebuild...

I would ask him why he wants a 650l since he has done all that work to the wr . Sound like and I could be wrong like somethings wrong maybe time for a rebuild...

He says he wants to commute on a bike and that his WR is a little underpowered/uncomfortable for the highway. Apparently, he purchased the bike like that and all he added was the speedo. He is local and he has invited me on a ride so we can both test ride eachothers bikes.

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