So Close Need A Little Advise

i have a 2003 crf 450 with 13 1/2 to 1 cp piston stage 2 hot cam mild head mod a big gun slip on stock head pipe the slip on was about 19 inch. long but i modified it its now about 10 inch. was boging up hill and would not idle at a low idle so i had it set high . i found out the flout valve on my slide was upside down. that fixed the idle problem .i had it jeted realy high because it was lean i think that it was becase of the slide . So the jets were, main 180 clip 5th pilot 158 air screw 1 3/4 . after fixing my slide it was way to rich so now it is, main 178 clip 5th pilot 148 air screw 1 1/2. now it runs great but is hard to get started also is kind of easy to kick what should the decomp be set at ? and do you know were i should start as far as trying to get started easier.

you mean 48 pilot jet?if so,too rich.

decomp should be .010" plus the valve clearance for easy starting.double check your cam timing.

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