Off-road / MX skills course in Washington?

I've been riding street bikes and sport quads for years but am looking to increase my skill set on my newly aquired DRZ400E. Does anyone know of a "good" rider course in Washington that stresses skills pertinent to single track and MX riding. I don't want to waste money and time on a course that caters to first time riders, but rather to intermediate riders. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!

have you checked the forums that are location specific? i dont know of a lot of off road schools/classes besides some in socal. you might want to try finding someone who is willing to ride with you and give some pointers on your own pace, as opposed to going to a 'school'. good luck with your new venture. its loads of fun.

then again, i learned real quick about things to do and not to do after gettin bruised up countless times.

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