Along time coming... (AKA Acerbis vs. Fan)

Well, it's been about four months since my motor bit the proverbial big one. I've been busy with work and school. But gas and traffic are forcing me to stay up late and put it all back together.

I sent the motor to Eddie a while back for a rebuild with a big bore. I have yet to fire it off, but I can't wait.

Just need to finish up a few loose ends:

- fab up a few brackets for the Acerbis tank

NOTE: my tank has plenty of room for the horn, if I rework the bracket a bit. Also, I am fitting a 12v computer fan on the left side behind the radiator, there is a nice square pocket that looks like it was put there on purpose. I spend alot of time on the freeway and in traffic, don't want to risk overheating without a fan and thermostat. Had to trim the right side plastic a little to clear the tank, came out nice. Using a locking gas cap from Acerbis, I assume I don't need to install an additional vent line?? First impressions of the tank (without riding of course) are good. It's wider than the stock, but there are notches that my knees lock right into. I think gripping the bike with my legs will workout good with this tank. It's tall and very intimidating to my soldier holders, but I don't plan on (knock on wood) having an off that would result in a vocal octave changing experience :confused:

- round up some "real" fuel line and Y-tap (the stuff Acerbis sends is complete crap)

- fill her with oil and coolant

- adjust the MCCT, break-in and initial oil change

- enjoy my bike again!!!

I've fitted a 16 tooth front sprocket for street duty (with a 41 rear) and I have a 13 tooth front (and 44 rear) for dirty rides.

Also installed an FCR for good measure :thumbsup:

Eddie did all the little internal fixes when he had my motor and installed an MCCT. So with a more diligent eye on oil changes and constant checking of the CS nut, I should be good to go. Had 10K miles on it when it blew, hopefully I'm good for another 20K :thumbsup:






Anyways, if anyone is thinking about the Acerbis tank, I think it is very nice. Definitely not a plug-and-play type deal (it could be, with a few carefully thought out parts put into a nice little bag with a header card and a price tag), but with a little ingenuity and patience you end up with a decent long range tank WITH a locking gas cap!!! When I get my brackets fabbed up, I will post pics and dimensions for those interested.

Happy motoring,

Gabe "you want how much for 87 octane" Pari

looking good !

OK, I think I found a solution for the fan. I don't really trust a pc fan to last in the weather. So, I found this.

They come in push or pull, and run about $50. A crude mock up from a ball of tape and some cardboard leads me to believe it will fit. I am ordering one tomorrow. I will report when it shows up.

Oh, also going to check the current draw on the stock fan when I get to the shop in the morning. The SPAL fan specs out at about 2 amps.

It's a little pricey compared to a computer fan, but hey, that's what money's for right??

Keep me updated on the brackets for this tank. I'm in the market for a larger tank and so far the Acerbis has caught my attention. It is the largest affordable tank I've seen so far. While it may only be .3 gal larger you can't be too sure in Alaska when gas stations can be sporatic at best.

Ok, the stock fan pulls about 2 amps, so the SPAL replacement won't be an extra burden on the electrical system, and I don't have to worry about popping fuses. Fan is ordered, hopefully they have it in stock so it ships soon.

Brackets are mostly made, need to make one more. Will get pics tomorrow night (minus the fan bracket of course).

Gabe "they say it's just like riding a bike" Pari

Horn and right side bracket. Basically copied the oem "E" bracket, complete with rubber isolators. Then drilled a new hole in the stock horn bracket to move it up to fit the pocket. Had to do a little creative bending to get it at the right angle. Fits just dandy.


Left side, where I plan to fit the new fan. It shipped today, should get it soon.


The locking cap, for those who haven't seen one.


Rear tank bracket. Clears the seat bumpers. I didn't add isolators to this one, as it seems to flex enough to take any vibrations. If the fasteners wallow out over time, then I will add some and the frame side.


Seat hook on top of tank.


Drilled the end cap, almost ready to make some noise.


Till later,


On the SM, you can use the stock horn bracket. Take it off, flip the horn to the other side, and re-mount the bracket upside-down.

Oh, and the E mounting brackets don't do a dang thing but get in the way on an SM. I'm going to write up the whole procedure pretty soon.

Well, been running the Acerbis for a while now. I love the extra range. The tank feels good between my legs. A little buzzy when it's getting close to empty. The locking cap is driving me nuts, I can hear it rattle even with ear plugs. I'm working on a fix, hopefully it will work :thumbsup:

I have been running the bike for a while with the t-stat in, no fan. On the highway, even at fairly long intersection lights, I haven't seen the temp light come one at all. The only time it came on was up in Big Bear, my battery was dead so I didn't want to shut it down. Let it idle while I was clipping my toenails (long story, new boots), when I got back on the bike the light came on right when I start to ride away. But it turned off within 10 seconds of riding. I have the fan, just need to find time to fab up a bracket.

Not sure if I need to put isolators on the rear mount, or if the mount tore from my little get-off in the mountains (10 mph stuff into a berm on the right side, luckily didn't hurt the radiators). But it is torn at the bend, which is probably a little too sharp for the aluminum anyways.

So far I am extremely happy with the tank. Everyone who sees it in person says how great it looks. The install isn't as straight forward as I imagine a Clarke or IMS is, but I'm happy.


Looks good man, I like the locking cap on the plastic tank:thumbsup:

I really like the look and the locking cap. If I hadn't gotten such a deal on my 3.9 Clarke I would definitely be looking into this tank.

Can you tell me where did you get the locking cap from?

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