04 05 or 06 CRF250

what is a decent price for an 04 05 06 crf250? and does anyone know how i can find a cheap one?

Nobody knows?

i got my 05 for 2200

Check your local craigslist, local cycle trader. It all varies on location.









sounds about right...

ok yeah the cheapest i found in southern california is $2500 for an 05


Dealer here on the east coast is selling brand new 07's for $4698.

Buy 05 or newer..better valves. Shop around, a good price on a used 4st doesn't mean a good bike..

i got my 04 for 4500 AU and i think everything is cheaper on ebay so go on there and find a bike close to you so u can go and pick it up but dont worry about bidding just ring them up

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