KLX140L mods - breathing and suspension

Hello all,

Just picked up a new one for the "kids". They are brand new over here in Australia and I was wondering if you guys in the US have sussed out improvements to the intake/exhaust (such as removing restrictors if any) and the front forks. I have done a bit of a search but not found alot - except fitting KX forks, but that is too far for me. Thinking oil weights and washers/spacers ?


well good luck with the spacers, these things come with bmx springs, about the size of a quarter around, drill out the airbox and rejet, bikes are a blast though

try cheapcycleparts.com i've seen exhausts,headers and a twin air filter. as for the suspension the rear is good but the front just flat out sucks. better off getting KX forks

The guys at Engines Only http://www.xr100.com/ built our KLX140L motor up into a 160 withtheir big bore kit. They also have a new all Stainless steel exhaust which is 2 full pounds lighter than the stock one. We had an EO steel powder coated pipe for the past year or so but the new stainless looks better so I got the new one. I will post a photo, EO does not even have it on their site yet.

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