Another CRF question

For the most part my 03 450 starts pretty good. First time for the season back in the 1st of March she starting up 3 kicks. I was pretty excited about that considering that she had sat all winter long. However tonight it took, a while to to get her up running.

So here is the scenerio...choke on.. blip throttle a couple times..kick..kick..kick..etc.....little teasers but nothing....twist the throttle to max and kick....she fires up. Not sure about this one.

So riding was fine.....however everytime I stopped turned the bike off and then went to restart I was getting greif. Would always start but even with the hot start it would take 4-8 kicks.

I can't believe that it is the valves, but has anyone else with a 4 stroke had similar problems or any advice let me know. Ecspecially with the holding the throttle wide open, kicking, and the immediate starting.


have you checked the valves........they may of sunk

Are you running fresh gas or the old stuff?

check the valves and use fresh gas

Assuming you are runnning fresh gas, I would say your carb needs a good cleaning.

Either that or your valves are wasted.

I dont think its the valves. Mine does this every once in a while. It actully did it last week on sat, went riding again on sunday and no problems. But check your valves just to be sure.

If the valves have never been changed , and they are still stock , its time for new ones.

Thanks guys, the valves have never been changed and they have been shimmed once. Right now the bike is over my buddy's house and he is going to help me check my valves clearance. His though is that the old owner said that he had shimmed the once and if they are out of spec. we should just plan on changing them out.

So from my research I am also going to plan on cutting the seats. However do I need to plan on changing or replacing any thing else in conjunction with the valves.

When you do the valves your best bet is to CHANGE EVERYTHING TO NEW. Check out He will hook you up with all you need.

check the valves and use fresh gas

I agree with the fresh gas, my 06 is very picky about what its burning.

Having said that, it is not a bad idea to check the valves in any 4 stroke. My 450 has had no issues with movement but I will continue to check. My sons 150f has been a hard starting b@#&h, so we check and adjusted its valves and and now it is a second kick starter.

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