2007 WR250 NEW Rider.. Got a few questions

I've owned my 07 WR 250 for 6months got a some hours on it. Now i've never owned a dirt bike of any kind. The dealership guys aren't very friendly. As far as maintanence goes.. what should i be checking or replacing on it.

What should i be adjusting on it?

I got my wr last april, it is an 07. not sure what kind of riding you do but i race mine, and i just change my oil every other race and clean my air filter every race. I have the valves checked about every 20 hours and so far always in spec. Ive got 65 hrs and 700 miles and the bike still runs like new. wish it still looked new though. I think keeping the air filter clean is very important and is to easy not do.

Air filter maintenance every 2-4 hours of operation. Oil change may vary from 5-7 hours (others will chime in and say after every ride, others longer), don't forget the filter. Check chain stretch before every ride, adjust per the book, and oil it before every ride. Hopefully you dissassembled the frame bearings (steering head, wheels, and swingarm and linkages) and greased all of them before you took it out for the first ride, right?? Get a cable luber and a can of cable lube and hit the throttle cables and clutch cable to keep them working smoothly. Get some seal savers for the fork seals. The important items are the air, oil, and bearings. Bearings are expensive to replace (except the wheel bearings) and the most neglected because people think the seals protect them. Some neat things to swap out are the screws on the carb clamps, replace with bolts that have heads instead of soft headed philips screws that are stock. For any screw you take off, grease the threads before you put it back so it will come off easily next time. All of that will keep you busy for the better part of Saturday afternoon, then go out and ride it Sunday afternoon.

thanks guys..appreciate the advice. Dont do any races yet. I got mainly to follow my 5year old around on his pw50. He's into the races.. he racing this sunday!:thumbsup: I do mainly trails... get about 3-5 hours a month on it.

any tips are greatly appreciated


Change oil every other ride and wash the air filter. (every ride if dusty or long/hard)Check the chain when u wash your bike. (stick 2 fingers at end of the plastic guide on top of swing arm) Got more than 2 fingers adjust it. Relube your bearings after 500 miles or so unless you ride were wet.

Change to allen bolts when you rejet. Retight every bolt you see once in a while. I got over 1500 miles in mine and still runs like a champ.

This is what I do and it works for me.

congrats on the new bike , youve made a great choice. as mentioned airfilter maintenance , change the airfilter after every ride, get a spare and just swap them, oil IMHO depends on how hard you ride the bike , ive changed mine after 3 10 min races as the bike was doing it hard , flat out screaming. but if your chugging around after a peewee then ya should get a fair run out of it, also dont forget to bleed the forks, always run fresh fuel ,chain lubricated and these bikes run like dreams. also do a search for free mods as theres quit a few for the wr, id also get rid of the stock tyres mich s12 on front,and whatever lasts on the back IMHO:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

drain carb after every wash.

oil chain: the side plates, not just the middle. And do it from the inside so the lube gets worked to the outside and not just flung off - "secret" is to lube the chain when it's warm/after being ridden around a bit.

release air from forks while bike is on stand.

what is a REJET?

how do i release the air from the fork? and how much air should be released?

how do i release the air from the fork? and how much air should be released?

Flat blade screwdriver. Take out the tiny screw on top of fork. Let all of it out. Make sure wheel is off ground/on stand.

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