Kenda 770?

I have an EXC. All we have to ride on here are sandy ATV trails.

Does anyone have any experience with Kenda Southwick 770 120/100x18 on a EXC in the sand or is there a better sand tire for the EXC? (Not a paddle)

Any comments on the 6 Day Extreme rear?


i have ran Kenda Track Master before the tire I have now a MAXIS I liked my Kenda hands down better It tracked great hooked up great had very controlable power slides love it.

My next tire will be a Kenda for the money it is a Great tire.

Like I said I have a Maxis now I will not buy this tire again breacks lose very easy I dont like the way it tracks not a good feeling tire when in a power slide wants to walk on you alot.

I had a trackmaster 2 and wasn't too fond of it in the sand. it performed very well on the asphalt though.

Give the Kenda K775 Washougal Sticky a shot. I put a set on my KTM 525 and they perform well everywhere.:eek:

I run a 770 on my 676cc rotax hillclimber it holds up and gets great traction

I like the Kenda Washougal Sticky as a front tire for the soft/intermediate terrain. I just put on a Maxxis Desert IT front tire and like the Kenda better in the soft stuff. Did not appreciate the Kenda Washougal front tire enough until I tried something different. For the rear tire I like the Maxxis Desert IT or just the Maxxis IT. I hear hear the Maxxis SI is a good front tire.

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