buddy of mine and his thought of new 07 ape550sxv

he is seriously contemplating a new 07 550 ape sxv from scuderia west in san fran......shipped to ohio for 7200.......year warranty.......should he do it.......i have read nothing but crap on aprillia forum and smj......is the 2000 savings possibly a decades worth of headaches.......

If the engine is resealed then he should do it. If not I wouldn't. Then go for an 08.

Go to AF1 racing in texas. They know what they're doing. I got mine to my door for 72 and it was already derestricted and remapped. If your going to buy an Aprilia get it from a shop that knows what theyre doing. I've ran my 550 hard for a year with no problems.

omg 7200 OTD is a amazing price:crazy:

You can barly get a 08 CRF450R for that:prof:

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