Just venting

Ok so get this I was talking to a guy at work today (customer) who rides in our area alot, he rides a KTM 520, I told him I have an 02' YZ426. He laughed and said my bike belongs in a museum.....can you believe that? :confused:

Ok I feel better now, anyhow he was like why didnt you buy a 450? Um cause I didnt feel like spending a ton of money on a bike I can keep up with and sometimes out run. So he said just kidding lets go out riding sometime. :thumbsup: Ya, make fun of my bike now you want to go out ridin......ok. :thumbsup:

ive got a 426 and its a great bike can keep up with the 450s in the woods track not so much but its still a great bike and ktm man can take his 520 and go to hell :thumbsup:

I love my 426, I have had KTMs in the past and liked them too. I think I was just in a bad mood today or somthing. I would say "Lets settle this out in the dirt" but the guy would ride right past me, and he is like 10 years old then me...lol. He races open desert ALOT. I just got back on to two wheels not long ago so I have alot of catching up to do. Mybe I'll go barrow my TRX back from the guy I sold it to and teach him a thing or two :thumbsup:

Ask Mr. KTM man how much he paid for that 520...

His 520 can't be any newer than an '02.

So I guess he's riding a museum peice as well.

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