What's the length of your shift lever?

I mean your foot shift lever. Would someone mind measuring it from middle point of the shift shaft clamp area to the middle point of the toe piece (in a straight line, not diagnal?)

Need to compare lengths to my 2000XR100.

I wear a size 13 shoe and with my Alpinestars boots on I always needed more room to shift, up until now...

I have a Hammerhead Designs +20 folding tip shift lever. I also added a set of White Bros. foot pegs with the high center tops to allow your foot to roll forward and back, they both make for an awesome combination.

The shift levers come in sizes of +5 for each increment larger of sizing. They make them for all kinds of bikes so you can get one for your 50/70 or whatever you're riding.

This is a picture of my KX250f but it gives you an idea of what they look like.

I love this set up and it makes more than just shifting easier, but riding my bike much easier as well.

I can't see how I could ever go back to a stock set-up even if I had to.


Very clean looking bike.

I want to get one of these, but am trying to figure out if the 1 in longer style is going to work or if I need a shift lever from another bike. I know the XR100 fits my bike I"m searching for (TTR125). AT this point I need XR50 measurement to confirm its the same as the XR100, which I think it is.

Here's another great resource for mini parts and shifters esp.


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