Stupid Question.....sorry in advance

Hey guys, So i know how to rebuild an engine top to bottom, do anything under the hood of a car, but have a simple, dumb question :thumbsup: . So I went to check my oil today in my 00 650r, and was pretty danged shocked. First off, I don't think I have the right dip stick (maybe 9 Inches long), and I sort of remember some other way of checking engine oil other than while the bike is off. The reason is I added a full quart of oil today and I just changed it 3 days ago. It doesn't smoke or leak it anywhere I can see. Can anybody help me out with this silly question? Thanks guys.

I guess you do not have a manual? How much oil did you use with the oil change, and did the filter go in correctly? The manual states 1.7 qts with a filter change, but it seems to be a little more for most. Also, when checking the oil, the engine must be warm, and at idle for a minute or so. If you are over, drain any excess oil to avoid any damage. Welcome to TT! :thumbsup:

RabbidCow that is the correct dipstick. Theres another thread on this forum that is a debate on how much oil goes in the XRR. Welcome to the BRP room!!

If it sets overnight, the oil drains down into the engine. If you check the oil at that time it will appaear to be nonexistant :thumbsup: . you will get exited & add a quart. wrong move:foul: . The engine needs to run several minutes to pump the oil back up into the frame. check it after a ride is best :thumbsup: .

Hey thanks for the info guys. Yeah, I did the filter change, everything went fine, and I threw in a little less than 2 quarts. I'll give it a run around for a bit when it gets warm again and see what the stick says. Thanks again guys.

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