?'s SM to dirt conversion

I want to be able to convert my 07 SM to dirt and back. What do I need to do beside the obvious? What I want is a larger tank for offroading and dirt wheels. What kind of adapters do I need for the brakes? Front and back? Axles? I'll be doing trails novice to intermediate and maybe some more advanced stufff along the way. I want to be able to change over in a day. Please give me the details, I don't want to be on the trail saying " why didn't I think of that!" :thumbsup:

Thanks for the help!

try a search on the word conversion,. I completely outlined my S to SM conversion when I did it with prices and everything but I havent looked it up in a while.

You can get by with wheels (tires & tubes), used 44 tooth sprocket and used SM rotors. Juts be careful with that big 320 mm rotor in the rocks.

I have not seen a relocater bracket to go from SM to S only S to Sm.

May want to get S speedo drive as it will be way off. Same chain, axles and front sprocket will work.

If you stick with same rotor size and 44t sprocket change will take you 15 minutes.

Use me.


The stock SM rotors(300mm front) fit on both SM and S wheels. I have two sets of SM rotors, one set installed on each wheel set, so it is simple to swap back and forth. Same spacers work for both. If you need a S speedo drive you can do that, but supposedly you can adjust the odometer to compensate for different wheel diameters(unfortunately it does not affect the speedo). I run a GPS unit in the woods so I don't worry about it. It works well to swap from SM to S. Remember t0o set your sag and back off the compression adjusters for riding in the dirt and you should be fine.

Just a warning, you may want to be seated when you see what nice dirt rims are selling for.

Less then nice SuMo rims.

Complete dirt wheelsets go for $600 to $800 on Ebay (very good to like new condition).

The OEM rotor on the SM is 310mm and as said before will bolt right up on the E/S wheels.

You will also need a SM rear rotor as it is bigger than the S.

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